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Once you stop learning, you start dying.

Not quite sure who first said that (some sites say Einstein), but it couldn't be more true for someone in today's music industry. Once you stop learning how to make effective use of the trends, technologies and directions, your music and your content will be bypassed by the 'newer', 'hotter' and more relevant next-big-thing.   If you've already built a strong fanbase, you may be able to avoid this rushing river of progress, but for most of us, the emerging trends present exciting new opportunities to share our music with the world.

Several members of the uPlaya® team recently attended a conference focused on Future Media where we heard from thought-leaders from various industries, viewed demos from emerging technologies and companies and also had the opportunity to spread the word about what we are doing for musicians using our site.

It was an information-packed, insightful week full of intriguing discussions, thought-provoking panels and rousing speakers. We plan on sharing some of this insight with our artists soon (and also more on the uPlaya® artist we brought with us to perform for attendees) so keep checking back!

In the meantime, we are excited to find that Digital Music News is recapping highlights from the recent conference they just sponsored, which you can find here. We are so excited to have access to these discussions we have provided a few teasers on the blog hoping to encourage our universe of artists to check out the full summaries …

In the Brands and Music session, esteemed panelists talked about combining big brands with one (or a few) bands or artists to create maximum exposure for everyone. Brands use the emotion of music to connect with their consumers and the artists/bands benefit from the brand's bigger marketing budget.  Panelists said brands can most certainly break an artist (Claes Loberg, CEO of Guvera), and lots of brands aren’t looking for the established artists (Tim Scanlin, CEO & Founder of Bandracket & BrandsForBands), meaning GREAT opportunities for indies!

In Can technology save the concert business?, panelists provided a few case studies to dive into this issue. For example, Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful, talked about the way KISS left it up to fans to decide who would open for their next show. It drove engagement not only for fans, but the bands who wanted the gig as they appealed to their own fans to visit the site to vote for them.

In DIY in the Digital Age, panelists agreed that although the concept of DIY certainly is not new, there are lots of new tools and services out there for musicians to more easily promote their music. Abe Burns, Marketing at Career Artist Management cited email and email tools as the most important (for the moment at least): “That’s where most of the conversions are happening. It is a powerful conversion tool – much better engagement with content.”  Later he added to keep it direct and simple.

The concepts and ideas discussed in these summaries should be exciting for independent artists. The tools are at your disposal, in fact, if you are a uPlaya® artist you already have access to a lot of the promotional tools you need! Email your uPlaya® Press Kit to 100 of your fans – there is a Buy button directly on the page, right next to the oh-so-flattering photos and bio you’ve tricked out your kit with. Then send that UPK to a few brands who may be interested in backing your music.

The possibilities are endless – take a moment to get inspired by these words and get creative with your music promotions.

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